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Skin, the most perceptible and prodigious external organ of human body extends its root deep inside the human body by layering into six ostensible levels. As the skin is extended to the depth, so are its diseases which are deep seated and expand to tissues, fat, muscles and even blood. Improper diet and wrong lifestyle, hormonal misbalance and stress can be cited as the reason for psoriasis, acne, vitiligo and many others.

In Ayurveda, skin issues are seen as an imbalance of the doshas, the three constitutions around which Ayurveda is based. Surface treatments alone won’t eradicate what causes acne, which is why Ayurvedic approaches include diet and lifestyle changes.

How Your Dosha Affects Your Skin

From the perception of Ayurveda, it is seen that the Rakta dhatu (blood tissue), combines with Rasa dhatu (plasma) and nourishes the skin. But Rakta dhatu becomes imbalanced due to ingestion of hot food, alcohol, sun exposure, excessive work, or the pitta dosha. The pitta-dominant people experience more skin diseases that the vats and kaphas. Pitta heats the blood and imbalances the rasa and rakta dhatus. The pitta skin is reddish, freckled and gets affected by heat easily. The Kapha skin is oily and prone to blackhead and whiteheads. The Vata skin is very dry and hence shows premature aging signs.

Common skin diseases and its characteristics:

Some major skin diseases are: Itching, Erythroderma, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Eczema, Blisters, Angioedema, Widespread blistering, Photosensitivity, Acne, Scabies, Pressure sore, and Vitiligo.


Psoriasis – is a non-infectious inflammatory disease of skin, presenting with defined erythematous plaques with large adherent silvery scales. It is believed to be due to excessive division of cells in basal layers, and is well-treated in Ayurveda.

Vitiligo (Leucoderma) – This disorder is due to little or no melanin in the skin, and is an acquired condition, with depigmented patches developing often in the wrists, knees, neck and around the body orifices.

Itching (Pruritus) – provokes a desire to scratch, sometimes accompanied by a scaly rash, and is a common symptom of primary skin diseases and underlying medical disorders.

Erythroderma – Eczema, drug eruptions, psoriasis, lichen planus may all rarely progress to erythroderma, which presents itself with or without scaling on all of the body surface.

Urticaria – This is also known as Nettle Rash or Hives, characterised by itchy or burning swellings, occurring throughout or anywhere in the body and lasting less than 24 hours.

Photosensitivity – Sunlight is the main cause of several skin diseases, due to exposure from UV radiation and visible light. Face, particularly nose and cheeks or area under the chin, hands, are usually light- exposed sites subjected to photosensitivity.

Eczema – Presents itself with symptoms like redness and swelling, ill- defined margin and papule, blisters, vesicles, cracking or scaling.


Psoriasis is believed to be due to emotional stress that poisons internal system, manifesting in the form of rashes and skin problems in the body’s surface. Ayurveda believes that Urticaria is largely caused by allergies, whether external or internal, while Eczema is caused by major aggravation in kapha, which coincides with more minor unsettlements in vata and pitta.

Ayurveda also believes that wrong diet and lifestyle are two main causes of skin diseases. For instance, following a diet or lifestyle that is against the season or nature of a person, results in creation of imbalances in bodily energies, thereby contaminating body tissues resulting in skin disease.

Although, skin diseases are caused due to imbalances of the doshas, the prime dosha involved here is Pitta, which symbolizes heat or fire. Apart from that, allergies, over-exposure to hot conditions, mental stress, genetic disorders and fatigue are also common. Diabetes is also a major cause for skin disorders, as the excess sugar in the body is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which multiply rapidly using the skin cells.

Treatment and Remedies

Fundamentally, we aim to maintain the natural balance of an individual’s skin by ascertaining and curing the imbalances in the three doshas in the body – Pitta, Kapha and Vata. While dermatological ailments are known to be caused due to the aggravation of Pita in the body, it is also triggered by impairment of the nervous system, controlled by Vata. When toxins clog the circulation channels (that take nutrients and wastes in and out of the cells) cellular nourishment gets affected. This results in a critical level of toxin accumulation in tissues that make them hyper-responsive or allergic to environmental substances (foreign particles) that are not usually harmful.

We offer holistic treatment through the three-fold approach –

1)  Ayurvedic herbal medication (prepared in-house),
2)  Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment,
3)  Dietary recommendations and lifestyle modifications.Since removing toxins is the basis for treating skin problems, detoxification therapy and Panchakarma are the much-advised treatment methods. Our Allergy Management treatments help in fighting allergy symptoms, controlling and preventing them from reoccurrence, naturally.

As per the requirements of our Patients, we include other aspects of healing as well (like stress management, yoga, meditation etc).
Majority of our clients come to us for treatment of acne, melanoma, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and Vitiligo The intensity of these ailments varies from moderate to chronic levels. Which is why proper diagnosis is done by our doctors to analyse the root cause and recommend the right approach to eliminate it.


The purpose of Vishva Ayurveda is to care the patients of various health issues. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider regarding your medical condition or treatment and before undertaking any new health care regimen.

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