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Male Infertility

30 Days | Medicines included
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What is this package about?

Male infertility and loss of sex drive can occur due to genetic, environmental or medical conditions. It is less likely to be solved if a proper treatment is not applied.

Why should you opt for this package?

This package is best suited for men who suffer sexual problems and infertility issues. The treatment provided in this package is for men who want a permanent solution to their sexual problems.

Highlights of this package:

– Private visit and consultation is available

– Includes herbal medications

– Dietary recommendations provided

– Package duration is 45 days

– Medicines delivered by courier

Issues addressed by the package:

– Azoospermia

– Hypospermia

– Hyperspermia

– Oligozoospermia

– Asthenozoospermia

– Teratozoospermia

– Leucospermia

– Loss of libido and premature ejaculation

Steps involved in the treatment procedure:

  1. Medical history and pulse diagnosis is considered
  2. Consultation via audio and video call
  3. Private visit is available if necessary
  4. Herbal medicines are prescribed accordingly
  5. Diet chart is formulated
  6. Do’s and don’ts are recommended
  7. Yoga postures are suggested accordingly
  8. Medicines are delivered via courier
  9. Periodic follow up on progress


Expected outcomes:

– Causes and symptoms of infertility eliminated

– Improved sex life

– Improved general health


The purpose of Vishva Ayurveda is to care the patients of various health issues. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider regarding your medical condition or treatment and before undertaking any new health care regimen.

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